Our Purpose

God Works In You: God uses mission opportunities to help you improve on or come alive in some area of your relationship with Him. These opportunities may:

  • Raise awareness of a ministry need and how you can share and/or and help meet that need.
  • Be a catalyst God uses to strengthen your personal walk with Him.
  • Minister to your heart in a way that stirs a passion for a particular ministry.

God Works Through You: God uses you in mission opportunities to help others in their relationship with Him. These opportunities may:

  • Allow you to be used to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of others.
  • Give you a vision of how God can work through you to influence the lives of others.

God Changes You: When God works in you and through you, it will change you. The mission opportunity may:

  • Change the way you view a certain ministry area or people group andreveal the blessings of God’s grace in your life.
  • Challenge you to grow in your relationship with Him.
  • Alter the course of your life and plans due to renewed vision and passion.