Our Purpose

God Works In You: God uses mission opportunities to help you improve on or come alive in some area of your relationship with Him. These opportunities may:

  • Raise awareness of a ministry need and how you can share and/or and help meet that need.
  • Be a catalyst God uses to strengthen your personal walk with Him.
  • Minister to your heart in a way that stirs a passion for a particular ministry.

God Works Through You: God uses you in mission opportunities to help others in their relationship with Him. These opportunities may:

  • Allow you to be used to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of others.
  • Give you a vision of how God can work through you to influence the lives of others.

God Changes You: When God works in you and through you, it will change you. The mission opportunity may:

  • Change the way you view a certain ministry area or people group andreveal the blessings of God’s grace in your life.
  • Challenge you to grow in your relationship with Him.
  • Alter the course of your life and plans due to renewed vision and passion.



School Supply Collection

This month, the Mission team is sponsoring a school supply collection for the local schools. These are the some items we are collecting: markers, dry erase markers, colored pencils, scissors, colored index cards, pens, erasers, pencil, glue sticks, and tissues.

Missions Prayer and Vision Meeting
Please join us to pray as a church for our upcoming Share the Blessing Mission and to discuss vision for the future of National and Global missions at FBC King. We will meet at 6:00pm on September 9th in the Worship Center. 

Share the Blessing – 2018
There is a place for everyone to help with care kits, construction, shut in visits, yard work, meal prep, repairs, paining, worship, and prayer!. Contact the Lisa Ingram or Janet Fowler if you want to help or know of any projects.
Thursday, Oct. 11 – Project Work and Opening Service at FBG King at 7pm.
Friday, Oct. 12 – Breakfast @ 7:30 FBC King and then Projects
Saturday, Oct 13 – Breakfast @ 7:30 FBC King and then Projects
Sunday, Oct, 14th – Celebration Serve at Meal at First Christian at 6:00pm
YMCA Soccer Game Outreach

This past spring we served our community by handing out snacks, waters, and snowcones with the love of Christ to the YMCA soccer teams and their families. We had a great response from the YMCA and families as a result. The Soccer season for the YMCA starts on September 15th. We want to serve them again throughout the season. If you are interested in serving please contact John Michael at 336-983-5252 or at jmichael17@liberty.edu