The First Baptist Church was born on Sunday, January 30, 1898 with eleven members.  On February 26, 1898, they elected their first Pastor, Rev. C. C. Haymore.  Meetings were held in member’s homes for the first year or two.  On December 15, 1898, the first parcel of ground was acquired (where the King Outreach Ministry Thrift Shop is housed presently). The church’s first building housed the fellowship’s first assembling on March 25, 1900.

Even as early as 1900, the church records reflect the support of missions, both at home and abroad.  The organized Sunday School was established that same year.  The church grew as the town of King continued to grow.  In 1941 the church called their first full-time pastor.

In 1956 the church purchased four acres across the railroad tracks (where the church buildings are located now).  On February 5, 1967, services were held for the first time in a new worship facility constructed on the new property.  In 1986, the church plant was enlarged adding classrooms, offices, and a new fellowship hall.

On May 16, 2004, our first services were held in the new worship center.

In July 2017, Dr. Tommy Pillow began as our Senior Pastor.